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Calculation of Value

When you need a valuation for your personal use, such as management or transition planning, a Calculation of Value can be the way to go.  We work with you to understand the core factors that drive your business and what your needs and goals are. We write a short report (about 10 pages) to explain the influences on the value and walk through the calculation so that you understand the complete process.  These reports are most commonly requested when business owners are starting to think about transitioning or selling.  If you have great financial statements, including a cash flow statement, we will gladly talk about discounts to our fees for a calculation!

Appraisal Report

This report conforms to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. We do more research and deep-dive analytics - operations, management, financial ratios, standard benchmarks, economic forces, industry conditions and forecasts and more.  It is similar to an Appraisal Report, below, but as the name implies, it is restricted to client use. These reports cannot be used for financing, court matters, IRS filings, or used by any other third part.  This report is most common for business owners working on succession planning.  They are also incredible tools for management planning as we do a deep-dive analysis of drivers outside and inside the business to derive a substantiated conclusion of value.

Appraisal Report


$500 / hour

Appraisal Reports are the core of what we do.  Also conforming with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, Appraisal Reports are the ​most comprehensive reports that we prepare.  The research and analytics are similar to the Restricted-Use Appraisal Report, but with additional detail. An Appraisal Report is required when users include anyone other than the client, such as the courts, the IRS, or a bank. Therefore, not only do we do more extensive research and analysis, we also take the time to detail more specifics about the company, its operations and management so that these additional users fully understand the subject company.

Unfortunately, disputes happen.  We do all we can to ease the pain and frustration while working toward the very outcomes.  Expert Witnesses (in any field) are obligated to assist the trier of fact (judge and or jury) to understand the industry, the company and, in our case, the value.  As such, we are not advocates for our client (that is the attorney's role), we can only advocate for our opinion of value.  Laura has experience in operations, appraisals and serving as an expert witness, so if you find yourself in need, please do not hesitate to reach out!


$400 / hour

Often a business owner needs some assistance "thinking through" a problem or opportunity.  We are here to help!  We bring our expertise and education to assist clients to clarify and solve valuation issues.

Business appraisal
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